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July 23, 2014

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» NATO Summit - Effects on USW Campuses

As a result of the NATO summit in Newport, there will be some disruption to the university between 26th August – 7th September.

What, where and when is the NATO summit?

The NATO summit comes to South East Wales on 4th and 5th September 2014. It is the largest gathering of international leaders ever to take place in Britain, with President Obama, Chancellor Merkel, and President Hollande expected to be among leaders and senior ministers attending from around 60 countries.

The summit will attract huge numbers of visitors to south Wales, including up to 4000 delegates, 1500 media and around 10,000 other support personnel. Accommodation providers and key venues in and around Cardiff and Newport are already fully booked in the lead up to and during the summit. Local government advice pages warn this will cause 'significant and unavoidable’ disruption to travel infrastructure at times during the two-day conference, particularly around the areas of the Celtic Manor, Cardiff City Centre and the M4. The current advice is to use public transport wherever possible during the summit and limit journeys to essential travel only.

Effects on our campuses

  • There is some disruption to the university expected between 26th August – 7th September, varying across campuses as follows:
    • Caerleon and Newport City – significant disruption;
    • Treforest – some disruption;
    • Cardiff (ATRiuM) – minor disruption;
    • Glyntaff – no disruption.
  • Travel in South Wales will be affected at times, mostly on 3rd, 4th & 5th September. You are advised to expect longer journey times on these days.
  • There will be increased campus security measures. You are advised to carry your student ID at all times on campus.

Please note: this information is correct at point of issue and could change at any time without notice. If changes occur, we will try to provide regular updates online.

Why is the University affected by the NATO summit?

The University is involved in two ways: we have the pleasure of accommodating a large delegation of support staff involved in the summit at our Treforest and Caerleon campuses, and Newport City Campus will be used as a hub for activity between 30th August – 7th September. Additionally, there is likely to be some impact on everyone living in south Wales, due to the volume of visitors expected.

The extent to which you are affected will depend on where you live and which campus you are based at. Broadly the disruptions will be as follows:


No disruption or impact expected other than travel disruptions.


A large delegation of support staff involved in the summit will be accommodated in the Treforest halls of residence during the period 28th August – 7th September. This may result in some additional vehicle traffic around campus in the early morning and late afternoon. A small part of the student car park is expected to be cordoned off for coaches.

Campus security will be slightly increased for the benefit of everyone’s safety and you may notice the presence of additional security personnel. You are asked to please carry your student ID with you at all times when on campus, as you may be asked to show it at any time.


Significant disruption is expected at Caerleon Campus due to activity associated with the summit and a large delegation of summit support staff being accommodated at Caerleon from 26th August – 7th September. Campus access will be restricted 24 hours a day. Students, visitors and non-essential staff will not be allowed access to the campus.

We are aiming to keep disruptions to a minimum by moving scheduled teaching activity and events to other venues 22nd August – 6th September.

Newport City

Significant disruption is expected from 30th August – 7th September. Campus access will be restricted 24 hours a day. Students, visitors and non-essential staff will not be allowed access to the campus.

We are aiming to keep disruptions for students and visitors to a minimum by moving scheduled teaching activity and events away from the campus during this time.

Cardiff Campus

Significant disruption is possible at times during the summit on 4th-5th September. However, we expect Cardiff campuses to remain open during this, albeit with some limited services and you may be required to show your student ID to access the building. You are advised to start your journey early, expect longer journey times and use public transport, or walk wherever possible.

Specific questions

Will access to the computer systems / drives / networks be affected by the summit?

No disruption to University networks or systems is expected as a result of the summit.

Will this affect other student activities e.g. summer language courses / other teaching?

All known scheduled activities are being moved where possible to avoid disruptions to students and guests.

Will this affect the start of term / international welcome week?

The summit will be finished by late Friday afternoon 5th September, and all delegates and support staff are expected to leave south Wales shortly afterwards, so it is not expected to affect our new term.

Will this affect Caerleon graduation ceremonies?

The Caerleon graduation ceremonies have been put back from their normal dates to avoid the summit and will take place 10th – 12th September.

Will public transport be affected?

The expectation is that public transport will not be disrupted by the summit and local government officials are advising you to use it wherever possible. This will inevitably lead to high-demand during the summit, so the advice is to leave early and allow for longer journey times.

Is the University perceived to be a terrorist target?

No, there is no perceived risk of USW being a target for terrorism. There is some risk that anti-NATO protests could attempt to disrupt events in Newport and that the University could be adversely impacted, but it is not expected to be significant.

Are we expecting to close any campuses?

No. As explained above, access to some campuses will be restricted to authorised persons. We would only consider closing a campus if the advice came directly from the police or security forces, and we are not expecting that at this stage. It’s not possible to plan for this, but we will be making every effort to ensure minimum disruption to staff, students and visitors. Some student services may be restricted for periods of time, but we will keep students informed of changes as they occur.

Can I get onto a restricted access campus with my ID badge?

No. You will not be able to access a restricted campus. At this point, Caerleon and City campuses are the only campuses with restricted access, but you should carry your ID with you at all times on all campuses.

Will there be limited parking?

As the summit is happening outside of term time, there is not expected to be a huge impact on parking, but we will keep this under review.

Will USW security cards work normally?

Yes, normal security processes will apply on all non-restricted campuses for the duration. We advise you to carry your ID at all times, just in case.

Exams /assignments

What if assignments are due to be submitted during this period?

There are not any scheduled deadlines for coursework submission at Caerleon or Newport City during this period. However, some individual students may have extended deadlines.

  • Students should email the coursework to their tutor and copy to the student administration team (emails as below).
  • Where this is not possible (e.g. if it is a piece of artwork) it should be submitted to any campus Student Advice Centre on the nearest date possible and by 8th September at the latest.
  • Students will need to ensure they explain where they would normally submit coursework and why they were unable to do so.
Is this likely to affect the timing of resits / results?

The advertised period of resit exams should not change. Timetables for specific exams on specific days are currently being drawn up. It is hoped that all results will be published in line with the University main results date of the 9th September. If for any reason, this is not possible, information will be provided online with details.

Will resit/referral exams be affected?

Exams should still take place during the advertised period, i.e. Monday 11th August to Friday 22nd August, although in line with normal practice at the University, exams will be mainly scheduled during the first week. The detailed timetable will be published week commencing 21st July as a link on the Examination Information for Students page.

How do I contact Student Administration Services/Student Advice?

Newport City

Tel: 01633 432365
Email: cityadvice@southwales.ac.uk


Tel: (01633) 432082
Email: caerleonadvice@southwales.ac.uk

Other campuses:

Treforest: treforestadvice@southwales.ac.uk
Glyntaff: glyntaffadvice@southwales.ac.uk
Cardiff: cardiffadvice@southwales.ac.uk


Can students still access library and resources / services / IT facilities / study areas?

Caerleon library will be closed 26th August – 7th September and Newport City library will be closed 30th August – 7th September. Access to other resources will be restricted for the same periods. For information, call 01443 483400.

All library services, including e-resources and support via our online chat service will be available. You will be able to access these services online or at the campuses that are not restricted.

What if staff / students need to return library books?

Any charges for unreturned books due back at Caerleon or Newport City during this period will be waived. Where possible, students are advised to renew books online or over the phone. If convenient, students can also return books at the Cardiff (Atrium), Glyntaff or Treforest Campus libraries. For information, call 01443 483400.

Will students be able to access on-campus print services?

Print room at Caerleon will be closed 26th August – 8th September. Call 01443 48 2023 for information. Students will be able to access the self-service printers on unrestricted campuses. The Treforest print room will be open as normal.

Will student email be working?

For some of the time student email will not be available, but this is not related to the NATO Summit. Read about the Changes to Student Email for more information.

How do I contact Student Support Services?

You can telephone 01443 482080 for any of the following services, or email as indicated:

New / Incoming Students

I’m a prospective student and want to visit the University
  • The University has arranged visit days for undergraduate applicants who wish to study at USW this forthcoming academic year on Saturday 16th August and Thursday 21st August. All campuses will be open during these dates. Check the website for details.
  • There is an Open Evening for prospective postgraduate students on Tuesday 9th September. All campuses are open and check the website for details.
  • There is an Open Day on September 17th for prospective undergraduate students who wish to apply to study at USW for entry 2015. You can check the website for details.
Submitting documentation

I need to submit Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) documents and/or proof of qualifications to the University so I can enrol this September. Where should I bring these documents?

Access to the Caerleon and City campus will be restricted 26th August – 7th September and 30th August – 7th September respectively. During this period you can bring your documents to the Enquiries & Admissions Unit, D Block, Treforest Campus, CF37 1DL, or visit City or Caerleon campuses after 7th September. Call 03455 76 77 78 for more information.

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July 21, 2014

Glamlife News from International site
Glamlife News from International site
Immigration & International Student Advice News for tag - glamlife
» IISA drop-in closed Monday 21st July from 2-4pm

The Immigration & International Student Advice team (IISA) afternoon drop-in at Treforest will be closed on Monday 21st July 2014.

You can still access the team in the morning between 10-12 in B68 and normal service will resume Tuesday 22nd July.

You can also email the team on international.advice@southwales.ac.uk

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

July 16, 2014

Glamlife News from Glam Edge
Glam Edge news
Grad Edge - Developing Employability News
» Gradulations!

Yes we’ve made up a new word to celebrate your success of graduating!
We’re half way through the ceremonies in Treforest and have been very happy to see so many smiling graduates.

Even though you’re leaving us the Careers Service is still here to help you get that dream job…

What we can offer you

As a graduate of this University you can access free careers support from the Careers & Employability Service for up to three years after graduation date.

Graduate Support includes:

One to One career advice

In person Careers Adviser appointments available on campus in Caerleon, Cardiff, Newport City, Treforest. Skype or telephone Careers Adviser appointments or use the Email a Careers Adviser service.

You are entitled to a maximum of ten career related interventions over the three year period.

Jobs, placements, and work experience

Sign up to Opportunities to view and receive graduate job alerts from over 4000 registered employers.
Graduate jobs and opportunities are posted daily!

Careers Events

We hold a number of recruitment, employers and professional development events
throughout the year you are welcome to come along to.
View our latest events

Staying connected

As a new graduate, you will receive our new monthly newsletter designed to keep you up to date on latest relevant opportunities, events and, information and advice from Careers Advisers connected with your degree.

Other ways to keep connected:

We wish you all the best in the future!

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July 15, 2014

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
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» Important information for today’s (15/7/14) Graduation Ceremonies

The Highways Agency has informed the University that there is a burst water main on Park Street, Treforest (near the Otley pub) that is causing traffic disruption. The University is aware of this and if necessary will adjust the start time of this morning’s ceremony accordingly.

Graduands and their guests for this afternoon’s ceremony are reminded to use the park and ride facility at the Glyntaff Campus.

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July 14, 2014

Glamlife News from Health site
Glamlife News from Health site
Health Service News for tag - glamlife
» Health Centre Closed , Treforest Campus

Closed 15th July

The health Centre , Treforest Campus will be closed tomorrow 15th July due to unforeseen circumstances.
Open as normal 16th July 10.00-14.00

July 9, 2014

Glamlife News from International site
Glamlife News from International site
Immigration & International Student Advice News for tag - glamlife
» What are you doing this weekend?

On Saturday 12th July Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival will be open for all , between 11am and 10pm. Admission is free, so why not go along?

The festival hosts a wide range of specialist foods and drinks, and has a 'piazza’ where you can buy and try lots of different foods. The festival will also be hosting live music and entertainment for all!

This year’s event has a distinctive Spanish flavour due to the support of Vueling Airlines and Cardiff Airport. Visitors can unwind at the Spanish Quarter on the waterfront. Also, you can indulge in its Cava and Sangria Bar. This is not before visiting The Spanish Buffet where you’ll be able to buy all the ingredients needed for a traditional paella.

The festival is held in Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff Bay, which is can be reached easily by train from Cardiff Queen Street station – information on trains, and the times they run, in available on the National Rail website.

Further information on the festival, as well as directions to the event, can be found on the Visit Cardiff Website

If you visit the festival and take pictures of you enjoying yourself, feel free to bring them into The International Zone in B68 for us to add to our photo collection!

July 4, 2014

Glamlife News from International site
Glamlife News from International site
Immigration & International Student Advice News for tag - glamlife
» Police Registration

New Students

If you would like to complete your Police Registration on campus, please come to B68 – the International Zone – as soon as possible to check if we have appointments.

Continuing Students

Please remember that you must update your Police Registration if any of these things have changed:

Change of Address (including moving rooms on campus)
Change of University
Change of marital status or birth of children
Extension of stay by the UK Visas and Immigration (new visa)
Change of Passport
Temporary absence of 8 weeks or more from your registered address.

This is very important as failure to report changes to your details could result in a fine of up to £5000 or 6 months imprisonment!

July 2, 2014

Glamlife News from International site
Glamlife News from International site
Immigration & International Student Advice News for tag - glamlife
» Internet Scams Affecting Students

We sometimes hear of internet scams targeting students and need to alert students and remind them of the importance of safe and secure internet use.

We have been alerted to a current scam involving QQ accounts.

Several cases reported including:
1. Hacking into student’s QQ and chat with families and relatives asking for emergency funds for a “friend/classmate” in need,
2. Pretend to be the student and use recorded video image of the QQ user, to prove the identify, but unable to hold live chat because of ”poor internet speed” or have broken Microphone,
3. Pretend to be the student and claim to have encountered robbery or theft, requesting emergency funds

Reports on Chinese press

The advice below is specifically for students’ use of University computers but should be applied to any computer or account you use.

Securing Your Account and Password

When using University computers, you are responsible for everything that happens while you are logged on. That means you should not leave a PC logged in while leaving the desk. It also means you have to choose secure passwords and change them regularly. Here’s some good advice on the Dos and Don’ts of password selection.
• Passwords should be eight characters or more
• Passwords should contain a mix of upper and lowercase characters, numerals and special characters such as punctuation marks
• It is recommended that you use mnemonic phrases to help you remember your password. For example, “My mother’s maiden name is Zebedee, she is 91” produces “MmmniZ,si91” (Please Note: This particular password is barred on University systems)
• Use of at least two numbers in a password is recommended
• When you change your password it is recognised that this may be done in a hurry and lead to you choosing insecure passwords. It is suggested that using a mnemonic phrase with numbers enables you to alter one element e.g. the number, keeping the remainder of the password intact and making it simpler to remember. You should note that this method is slightly less secure than choosing a completely different mnemonic phrase.
• Don’t choose a password of fewer than eight characters
• Don’t use words from a dictionary
• Don’t use permutations of dictionary words and numbers
• Don’t use names associated with your circumstances
• Don’t ever write down your password
• Don’t pick well-known phrases for your mnemonic

June 27, 2014

Glamlife News from SS News Application
Glamlife News from SS News Application
News for tag - unilife
» An app to help you with time management - what would you want from it?

USW student Josiah Shelley has successfully obtained a grant to develop an app, StartWrite, to help students with time management of their coursework.

To make sure the StartWrite app is designed to meet the needs of students, he is running the StartWrite Survey.

Jisc Elevator, which is funding the StartWrite App, is a national innovation competition for education and research in the UK.

What are these?

» Your chance to let the University know what you think!

The University is asking undergraduate students who aren’t in their final year to offer feedback through the Internal Student Survey. The survey’s results are fed into action plans to improve your experience at university.

If you’re eligible, you’ll have been sent an e-mail with a username and password for the survey. Please check your university email account, and, if you can spare five or six minutes, fill in the survey. It’s your best chance this academic year to influence the University and highlight any areas where you’d like to see improvements (and any areas where you are satisfied).

UPDATE (30/06/14): The subject line of the email is “How is your course going? Sut Mae’ch cwrs yn Mynd?”. Some students have reported that the message arrived in their junk mail folder. The University is looking into this, but if you’re an eligible student and you can’t find the email, please check your junk mail folder.

What are these?